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SOTW interview with Rampone and Cazzani- Any Questions?

SOTW interview with Rampone and Cazzani- Any Questions?
SOTW has arranged for an interview with Rampone and Cazzani.
If you have any questions (e.g. serial numbers, current model lines, earlier designs, stencils, etc) please post here or forward to me by PM.
Thanks very much!

Are all the parts made in Italy?

Looking forward to the interview as the proud owner of a R&C R1 soprano.
I guess I would be curious as to the inspiration for the R1 and R1 jazz series of horns. They have a real vintage vibe to the sound. What was their thought process during the development of them?
How many horns a year do they make? What's the breakout of sopranos, altos, tenors, and baritones.
Have they ever done a bass sax and do they have plans to do one?
Do they have any plans to push into the U.S. market more aggressively?

1) Can they tell us about the history and production run of R&C C Melody saxes ? (see recent SOTW thread)
2) What types of saxes out of the normal SATB run have they produced over the years ?
3) What efforts have they made, and are they making, to develop a list of serial numbers for the R&C saxes

Why the coice of non-ribbed construction? Will R&C saxes that are made today be as durable as Selmers? BTW, hatts off that they make their genuinely own brand of saxes and not Selmer clones. Thanks!
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