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meyer 5 or meyer 6

meyer 5 or meyer 6
hey i play a meyer 5,
basically all my life people have commented on how softly i play, and resently i have shut them up a bit bythe huge sound my sx90R keilwerth produces. Sure i do have a big sound now but with some effort. Now would moving up to a meyer 6/7ect... help with the my loudness problem? my reasoning for this is that if the opening is larger then would i be able to put more air through it.
muchly appreciated if you can help :D

rhyssaxfan: It has been my experience that I almost always prefer a certain mouthpiece with a bigger tip-opening. For instance, when comparing soprano Selmer Super Session I to J, or alto Super Session E to F, I preferred the more open pieces.
Of course, this can go too far and I have blown some pieces that were too much for my embouchure and tastes. But the change you are mentioning is not all that radical.
I have three alto Meyer pieces - two are 6S-Medium Chamber, and one is 6M-Medium Chamber. I much prefer the two 6S-M to the 6M-M (more punch, better projection and clarity). And, I've tested other Meyer 6 pieces but none came close to my 6S models.
But, all this is only mildly interesting if YOU don't like a piece. DAVE

I've had no problems projecting on a Meyer 5m. Focus your air stream and try a Fibracell. Then again I don't like more open pieces on alto.

Meyer mpc
I play a Meyer 6_M Medium (amongst other mouthpieces) with a BG ligature, and I think it is a lovely mpc with a lovely sound and easy to blow.
I have a vanDoren with more opening and it makes more sound but is a bit harder to work.
Remember you might have to consider a different reed with a different mouthpiece. I wonder if your other respondents agree?
If you have a music shop like I have nearby you will be able to try different mpcs and get a feel for what you like. There are so many variables you need to take time to select the best for you.
Good luck.
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